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Hurricane Safety Checklist

Charlotte County Florida (Refuge Listing)

Charlotte County Florida (Hurricanes)

Unity Medical
Hurricane Preparedness

(Florida Hurricane Season: June 1 – November 30)

As a Unity Medical patient it is important to prepare for the hurricane season before the season starts. It is ultimately your responsibility to have a plan in place for your health care needs.

What You Need to Do
Attached is an application to register with your Counties Emergency Management Office. They can assist you with special needs. If already registered, contact them well ahead of any storm threat so they can provide you with assistance if needed.

  • Charlotte County – 941-833-4000
  • Sarasota County – 941-861-5000
  • DeSoto County – 863-993-4831
  • Lee County – 239-335-1601
Oxygen Patients
  1. If you do not have a home electric generator and you anticipate the power may be lost due to a storm, make arrangements to transport your oxygen concentrator to a family member, friend, or County Shelter that has back-up generator power.
  2. Do not wait till the last minute to contact Unity Medical for additional oxygen supplies. If you currently have oxygen portability, you will only require three small oxygen tanks. One will be used to get you to and from the shelter and two will be used as a back-up. Unity Medical may not be able to supply you with more than this amount due to the high number of oxygen patients we currently serve. We may ask you to come to our office to pick up supplies since our delivery drivers may be busy assisting other patients. Remember portable oxygen is just that, it is not meant to supply you with oxygen for a prolonged period of time or to sleep with.
  3. If you evacuate and must leave the area for a prolonged period of time, PLEASE CONTACT UNITY MEDICAL AT 941-235-1840. Unity Medical will assist you in locating an oxygen provider in the area you evacuate to. You will be responsible to pay them directly. You should take a copy of your oxygen prescription with you.
  4. If you do lose power and you have to switch to tanks, instead of your oxygen concentrator, use your conserving device, from your portable tanks, instead of your straight regulator. This will extend the duration of the oxygen in the tank.

M-F8:30 a.m.5:00 p.m.
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