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Physician's Face to Face Evaluation – CMS’ Documentation Requirements***

Your evaluation should provide pertinent information about the following elements, but may include other details. Each element would not have to be addressed in every evaluation:

Medicare requires Face to Face mobility exam to state “Patient is here for a mobility exam

  • History of the present condition(s) and PMH that is relevant to mobility needs
  • Symptoms that limit ambulation
  • Diagnoses that are responsible for these symptomsMedications or other treatment for these symptoms
  • Progression of ambulation difficulty over time
  • Other diagnoses that may relate to ambulatory problems
  • How far the Pt. can walk without stopping
  • Pace of ambulation
  • What ambulatory assistance (cane, walker, wheelchair, caregiver) is currently used
  • What has changed to now requires use of a power mobility device
  • Ability to stand up from a seated position without assistance
  • Description of the home setting and the ability to perform activities of daily living in the home
  • Pt has a mobility limitation that significantly impairs their ability to participate in 1 or more MRADLs in the home (i.e. bathing, toileting, dressing, eating)
  • Use of a mobility device will significantly improve the Pt.’s ability to participate in MRADLs in the home
  • The mobility deficit cannot be sufficiently and safely resolved by the use of an appropriately fitted cane or walker
  • Pt. does not have sufficient upper extremity function to self-propel an optimally-configured manual wheelchair in the home to perform MRADLs during a typical day
  • Pt. has a physical and/or mental limitation that prevents safe use of a POV in the home and/or the Pt.’s home provides inadequate access for operation of a POV
  • Pt. has the mental and physical capabilities to safely operate the power wheelchair that is provided or the Pt. has a caregiver who is unable to adequately propel an optimally configured manual wheelchair, but is available, willing, and able to safely operate the power wheelchair that is provided
  • Pt.’s weight is less than or equal to the weight capacity of the PWC that is provided
  • Pt. has not expressed an unwillingness to use a PWC in the home

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