Medical Equipment Products by Unity Medical

Here at Unity Medical, we are committed to offering quality products at an affordable price, coupled with a compassionate and caring service. We will guarantee each product and we are committed to satisfying every customer with their needs. Unity Medical has been serving Charlotte and surrounding counties for over 15 years and is poised to provide caregivers and patients valuable information on how to safely operate their equipment, such as electric scooters, mobility wheelchairs and lift chairs. Our supplies enable individuals to lead enjoyable lives without limitations, so they’ll be able to achieve the mobility and freedom they deserve. Our customer service team is friendly, knowledgeable, and available to respond to any questions or requests.

Another valuable service we offer would be medical equipment rentals. We understand that certain items such as hospital beds or motorized scooters, are costly investments to make especially if the need is for a short time. For this reason, we will offer these and many other medical equipment for rental at an affordable weekly or monthly rate. This way, customers can return the product once they have fully recovered and have no use for them.

Come and visit our new location and showroom at 4200 Tamiami Tr. In the Baers Furniture Plaza net to ABC Liquors.